7 | Nieuwe Masters of Wine

Het Institute of Masters of Wine heeft zeven nieuwe Masters of Wine uit vijf verschillende landen. Het totale aantal MW’s in de wereld is nu 396 in 30 landen. Lees verder in het Engelstalige persbericht.

The Institute of Masters of Wine has announced seven new Masters of Wine, from five different countries. The total number of MWs in the world is now 396 in 30 countries.

The new members of the IMW are Vanessa Conlin MW (US), Elizabeth Kelly MW (UK), Pasi Ketolainen MW (Finland), Lin Liu MW (France), Curtis Mann MW (US), Beth Pearce MW (UK) and Ross Wise MW (Canada).

The new MWs have proved their understanding of all aspects of wine by passing the Master of Wine exam, recognised worldwide for its rigour and high standards.

The MW exam consists of three stages; theory exams, tasting exams and a final research paper (RP). The RP is an in-depth study on a wine-related topic from any area of the sciences, arts, humanities or social sciences.

In addition to passing the exam, and before new members have the right to use the title Master of Wine or initials ‘MW’, they are required to sign the IMW’s code of conduct. By signing the code of conduct, MWs agree to act with honesty, integrity and use every opportunity to share their understanding of wine with others.

The first MW crop of 2020 shows the continued internationalisation of the IMW. The top six countries where MWs are based around the world are Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand, the UK and the US.

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