Cijfers Champagne | groei in Azië & afname in Frankrijk en Engeland

Het Bureau de Champagne voor Duitsland en Oostenrijk heeft de cijfers voor de Champagne kenbaar gemaakt, ook aan Nederlandse journalisten. Er is groei in de Chinese driehoek (China, Hong Kong en Taiwan) en een afname in Frankrijk en Engeland. Frankrijk en de UK zijn grote afnemers, bij elkaar 60% van de verkoop. De omzet van die landen blijft wel praktisch gelijk. Lees verder in het Engelstalig persbericht:

Last year’s total turnover for Champagne set a new record of close to €4.9 billion (+0.3% compared with 2017).

Volumes are lower (-1.8% to 301.9 million bottles). France and the UK, which account for 60% of total sales, are responsible for most of this decline: their respective volumes are down 4%, although their turnover has held its own (-2%) thanks to better valorisation of the cuvées.
Overall, exports are on an upward trajectory (+0.6% in volume and +1.8% in revenue).

However, demand is most dynamic beyond the European Union, particularly in markets further afield such as the USA (23.7 million bottles, +2.7%), Japan (13.6 million bottles, +5.5%) and the Chinese triangle (mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan: 4.7 million bottles, +9.1%). Following very significant growth over the past decade (+134%), Australia’s figures have dipped slightly (8.4 million bottles, -1.8%), due to a less favourable exchange rate.

Other countries are realising their potential including Canada with 2.3 million bottles (+4.8%), Mexico with 1.7 million bottles (+4.3%) or South Africa, where sales have topped the million-bottle mark for the very first time, recording remarkable growth of 38.4%.

2018 results validate the value creation strategy of the Champagne region, based on a continual pursuit of exceptional quality and rigorous environmental targets.

From an agronomic point of view, 2018 was an unprecedented year with a bumper harvest of outstanding quality, boding extremely well for the future Champagne cuvées.

Bron: persbericht


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