Chianti Classico | Giovanni Manetti voorzitter Consorzio

De trotse eigenaar van Fontodi is de nieuwe voorzitter van het Consorzio Chianti Classico, dat is onlangs unaniem besloten door de Board of Directors. Giovanni Manetti is er blij mee: ‘I’m very pleased about the appointment, above all because it expresses the desires of the whole team. The three years ahead will undoubtedly be challenging and I hope to be able to continue the path my predecessors have undertaken with success, and contribute towards consolidating and promoting one of the most excellent products of the Italian and international wine sectors.‘ Meer info in het Engelstalige persbericht:

Fifty-five years old, pure Chianti vintage, Giovanni Manetti is the new Chairman of the Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico. The new Board of Directors announced their unanimous decision today, nominating the owner of Chianti’s well-known Fontodi estate to shoulder the delicate task of navigating the Consortium through the challenges of the wine market, which is increasingly pitched into the waters of global competition.

Giovanni Manetti, who likes to describe himself as an artisan winegrower, nurtures a passion for the wine sector that has led him to multiple experiences within it: as a specialist, entrepreneur and active participant in the life of the DOC zone, as a member of the Board of Directors since 1992 and, from 2012, Vice-Chairman of the Vino Chianti Classico Consortium.

His varied and extensive experience has met with the full approval of the different categories represented by the Consortium’s Board of Directors (wine growers, winemakers, bottlers), which have always shared a strategic approach based on continual promotion of the Vino Chianti Classico designation through the ongoing pursuit of product quality, in the form of authenticity and terroir-true features, improving its position and image on both domestic and international markets.

As the 14th Chairman of the Consortium since its foundation in 1924, Manetti takes up the mantle of  Sergio Zingarelli, who led the Consortium with skill and passion for six years and who received heartfelt thanks from the Board for his untiring commitment and the determination with which he faced the Consortium’s more difficult periods.

The handover from one Chairman to the other takes place at a particularly significant moment for the Consortium and for the future of the Chianti Classico designation. In recent years the Consortium has increasingly recognized the indissoluble link that exists between an excellent product and its production zone. A priority role in the projects for the next three years will go to advancing the UNESCO candidacy process for Chianti Classico as a cultural landscape and governance of the Rural District of Chianti, in agreement with the local municipalities, as an organism destined to become a benchmark for local development policies.

Alongside Giovanni Manetti, leading the Consortium, Francesco Colpizzi and Sergio Zingarelli have been elected Vice Chairmen.

The new Consorzio Chianti Classico Board of Directors consists of: Giovanni Manetti – Fontodi, Simone François – Castello di Querceto, Laura Bianchi – Castello di Monsanto, Sebastiano Capponi – Villa Calcinaia, Alessandro Palombo – Luiano, Tommaso Marrocchesi Marzi – Bibbiano, Nicolò Mascheroni Stianti – Castello di Volpaia, Alessandra Casini Bindi Sergardi – Bindi Sergardi, Francesco Ricasoli – Barone Ricasoli, Duccio Corsini – Principe Corsini – Villa Le Corti, Renzo Cotarella – Marchesi Antinori, Luigi Cappellini – Castello di Verrazzano, Enrico Pozzesi – Rodano, Filippo Mazzei – Marchesi Mazzei, Sergio Zingarelli – Rocca delle Macìe, Enrico Viglierchio – Banfi, Ivano Reali – Castello di Gabbiano, Stefano Marzotto – Pile e Lamole e Vistarenni, Andrea Cecchi – Cecchi, Francesco Colpizzi – Castelli del Grevepesa, Malcolm Leanza – Cantina Colline del Chianti.


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