Franse Wijn en Spirits export 2020 | Met ruim 13 % gedaald, Champagne ook in januari 2021 gedaald

De export van Franse wijnen en spirits is in 2020 met ruim 13% gedaald. Dit heeft te maken met de airbustax van de USA en uiteraard Covid. ‘One year ago, we announced that 2020 would be a difficult year’ zegt César Giron, voorzitter van de  FEVS (Federation Expediteurs de Vins et Spiritueux). ‘Our expectations were exceeded. In 2020, our companies had to deal with an extremely unfavorable environment. This can be explained by the trade conflict with the US, that remains unsolved as of today, and the outbreak of the Covid‐19 pandemic whose effects propagated all over the world’.

The situation is probably the most concerning, and therefore urgent, in the US. The sanctions, which targeted our sector, for the last 16 months toughened up on January 12th, jeopardize the presence of French wines on the biggest world market, the sustainability of our export companies, and even the 500 000 actors of the wine sector.’

Gelukkig heeft Amerika nu een nieuwe president. ‘The European Union needs to act as a leader in the resolution of this conflict: it is urgent that the Head of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, intervenes to solve this matter directly ‐ and without delay ‐ with the President Joe Biden’ bevestigt de voorzitter van de  FEVS. ‘However, the urgent need to solve thistransatlantic conflict does not mean that the French State can avoid its responsibilities: Prime Minister Jean Castex is meeting with us on February 15th. This meeting needs to lead to strong decision‐makings in favor of exporters.’

Vandaag werd bekend dat de champagne-export in januari 2021 18% lager uitvalt dan de verkoop in januari van vorig jaar.

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