In Februari | ‘Is Parijs het centrum van de wijnwereld’

In Parijs verwelkomde Wine Paris en Vinexpo 2.800 exposanten en 29.280 bezoekers. Deze eerste gezamenlijke editie is een belangrijke mijlpaal, Parijs is nu in februari het centrum van de wijnwereld. Het succes bevestigt de relevantie van het samenbrengen van de twee complementaire evenementen. Didier Guillaume, Franse minister van Landbouw en Voedsel, die de tentoonstelling officieel opende op maandag 10 februari 2020, verwelkomde dit initiatief, dat de internationale rol van Frankrijk op het gebied van wijn helpt te vergroten.

Lees verder in het Engelstalige persbericht:

The global epicentre of wines and spirits

For 3 days, 29,280 trade and industry members from 126 countries came to Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. The top 3 countries represented were the United Kingdom, Belgium and the United States. All of these national and international buyers (importers, wine merchants, restaurant and hotel owners, sommeliers, central purchasing agencies, distributors, specialist wholesalers and sales agents) were able to taste the latest vintage, find new treasures, engage with the major brands and get a grasp of the incredible choice of wines and spirits from different regions around the world.

A rewarding and immersive experience

As was expected by industry players across-the-board, VINEXPO PARIS and WINE PARIS delivered an action-packed programme:

  • Numerous conferences and roundtable discussions, reflecting prime industry issues (‘Trends and major challenges in the global spirits market’; ‘Consumer expectations for organic wines’; ‘Ecommerce: selling wine direct-to-consumer’; ‘The future of French Wines is in the US’; ‘Will there be a Winexit in the UK?’, etc.).
  • Promotion of specific market segments in a variety of settings:
  • Environmentally-friendly choices (organic, biodynamic, HVE…) through the ‘WOW! – WORLD OF ORGANIC WINE’ area and a ‘WONDERFUL DISCOVERIES’ route through the exhibition.
  • The BE SPIRITS area, a first this year, featuring 100 brands from 14 countries and the ‘Infinite Bar’ (the longest cocktail bar in the world, 50 metres in length).
  • 40 young winegrowers were looking for their first distribution networks in France and abroad as part of the ‘NEW WAVE’.

Lastly, VINEXPO PARIS and WINE PARIS were able to offer an immersive experience in the evening across Paris with an OFF-site selection of 65 restaurants – chosen to celebrate wine and the diversity and quality of Parisian gastronomy – and 20 mixologists from the most influential Parisian bars.

2021 is just around the corner!

Bolstered by the success and satisfaction prompted by this first joint edition, VINEXPO PARIS and WINE PARIS are already preparing for 2021. Their single-minded objective is to improve and enrich the overall experience for participants – exhibitors and visitors alike.

For 2021, their shared ambition is to establish an event with even greater international scope for both exhibitors and visitors and diversify the markets represented, both nationally and internationally.